Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mail Box Post - Two More Good Examples

Example 1:

Continuing with my dialog on good mail box post designs are the following two examples. The first is rather "classic" using 2x4" elements for a simple patterned, modernistic design. I like this one due to its simplicity, interesting patterning and inexpensive materials usage. One doesn't have to spend a lot to get a good looking post.

Example 2:

The next box I like for completely different reasons. This one done by Hartmut Jordan exemplifies good, modernistic design by incorporating the mailbox itself as a design element. The problem with finding a good mailbox post is that often one is stuck with the shape, color and materials of the mailbox itself and so can only focus on the post. What Hartmet did was to use a brushed stainless "classic shaped" mailbox and contrast it with color and the parallel lines of the cedar slatting. He then integrated the shape into the post design by extending the slatting further back, so the box cantilevers from the post, making the whole unit a single structure. You'll find several, poorly executed copies of his design in the neighborhood - the copies don't work well for various reasons (one has a "bulge" that rings below the post that's ackward, the other extends slatting straight down so the box produces a rather phallic shape - sorry to digress about those but neither work for me). I like everything Hartmut has done on his mailbox and hope others use it for inspiration on their own mailboxes and posts.

More to come soon.

-- John