Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Great Dig - Part 4 - Finishing the Dig

So about mid-week I was able to go out and dig a bit, making it to within about a cubic yard, maybe a yard and a half of the wall.

I also added a 4x4 temporary support as the concrete for the outside edge has begun to undermine, probably due to the rain and changes in temperature. The post is screwed at the top and sitting on a cinder block at the bottom.

With this close-up you can see how far I got - I think in the end I was still cleaning up tools at 9:00 PM or so.

By Saturday (2011.05.07) I was once again able to do some digging - this time my friend Allen from across the street felt pity for me and volunteered to help me dig - we managed to make it to the wall.

I also added a second temporary post to the back edge by the stairs - as a little added security.

Here you'll see the end game, the actual wall exposed beneath the Georgia Power meter.

I'm taking a break from this while we prepare for the Northcrest Neighborhood Yard Sale. Next steps are to pour a partial floor so I can add temps supported by the concrete. I'll then remove the existing posts and pour a footing, to support either a block wall or pour a concrete wall. I've got some salvage metal posts I'll be using for supports for the beam I'm adding. Stay tuned.

-- John