Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mail Box Post - Modern Solution

I wanted to start a series of posts about mail box posts - I've been asked in the past about what type of post would be appropriate for these great modern homes where we live in Northcrest. It's really easier to describe those that aren't appropriate, but I'll leave that for later. What I'd like to talk about are basic design elements that work well with modernism.

If you look at our homes you'll see a lot of parallel lines - most of our homes have horizontal windows original to the house that are level and the houses stretch wide - to me from a design esthetic I would try to also do some parallel lines, either vertically or preferable horizontally, on any mail box post for one of our homes. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with simplicity - a single post, either round (as in metal pipe) or square (like a 4x4" pressure treated or cedar post) would be more than appropriate. The important thing is to simplify the lines and keep ornamentation at either a minimum or within the reason (parallel lines again). Now I'm not expert, and I'm not a professional designer by trade - so I'll keep my comments directed towards actual examples. What I mean is, if you're into a big showy mail box with ornamentation, bright colors, etc. then by all means go ahead - it's all about personal preference. My intent is to provide some examples and guidelines that work with modern design, not tell you what's right or wrong, or tasteful or ugly.

So to start, this is a post I found rather in keeping with our modern homes - it's made from several cedar 1x6es (they look like they might have used some extra fence boards) using some ornamentation via the stacked, parallel boards.

I particularly like the floating stainless steel numbers - I purchased some similar for my house but need to figure out a way to drill through the stone to attach them. More to come soon.

-- John