Friday, December 10, 2010

Surprise! An Original P&H Realty Business Card

Cindi was cleaning out the planter near the carport door (the planter is elevated atop a low wall, that provides some protection to the opening for the floating staircase that leads to the finished portion of our basement. When we purchased the home it was filled with very dusty fake plants, now long removed.) and the wood panel at the bottom was pried up so we could clean out all the detritus that had fallen between the cracks over the years. Low and behold she found this:

I think it was common for business people to make small quotes on the back of business cards which would explain the reverse text. I'm curious to know if the $6 was a credit or something else - I guess we'll never know. I believe this is the first card to ever surface from P&H - now to find one for Howard Hardrath and Tom Longino - one can only hope!

-- John

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Sobayli said...

Very cool...Things turn up in the oddest places for sure!