Monday, December 28, 2009

Mail Box Post - A Fine Homemade Example

Here we have a refinement of a commercially available mailbox. Allen really liked the simplistic and modern design of a mailbox offered by Design Within Reach - the Premier Mailbox and Post, however it's difficult to justify the $480 price of the unit (that's $200 for the box and $280 for the post) - taking his cue from his dad (who does metal fabrication and CAD/CNC design work for Delta Airlines), Allen worked to fashion his own version in Stainless Steel and Oak. The result is a nice modernist box with an enhanced, oak post (the original is a stainless steel tube).

By expanding the size and materials of the post Allen was able to mount these attractive house numbers - something one can't do with the DWR designed box. One change to be made - the screws used weren't stainless and they've started to rust - those will be replaced soon.

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I noticed his box just the other day. Very nice and thrifty to boot.