Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updates 2009.02.15

I've been rather remiss in updating both the site and blog and hope to rectify that beginning with this post. I've got lots of news I'll be posting in the next few days and weeks. First I'm placing new images and pages of resident homes. Here's a list of updates - these photos were taken in the fall of 2007 (yeah I've been that slack!):

3335 Archwood Dr
3360 Archwood Dr
3551 Beach Hill Dr
3556 Beachhill Dr
3546 Bowling Green Way
3547 Eaglerock Dr
3611 Eaglerock Dr
3612 Eaglerock Dr
3632 Eaglerock Dr
3637 Eaglerock Dr
3645 Eaglerock Dr
3648 Eaglerock Dr
3656 Eaglerock Dr
3368 Regalwoods Dr
3400 Regalwoods Dr
3401 Regalwoods Dr
3457 Regalwoods Dr
3473 Regalwoods Dr
3478 Regalwoods Dr

-- John


Aunty Hannah said...

Hi John,

Just bought 3424 Northlake Trail; tried to reach you through email on this blog but it came back... Stopped by your place on Sunday but you weren't home. Am interested in seeing if you can guide a walking tour for a group through the neighborhood--maybe in May/ June?? Please contact me at

Best, Hannah Neufeld

John said...

Hi Hannah,

Missed your comment but am emailing you now.

-- John